Where can I travel to by bus?

The best way to work out which bus to take and where it goes from is to download the app ’Länstrafiken Jämtland’ from App Store or Google Play, but here is a travel guide for common destinations. 



How to get to common destinations for visitors in Östersund:

  • Jamtli – take bus no 6 from the Östersund centrum (or walk) to the stop ’Jamtli’. 
  • The Arena – take bus no 2 or 14 from Östersund centrum to the stop ’Östersund Arena’ or ’ICA Maxi’.
  • Skidstadion – take bus no 2 to the stop ’Skidstadion’, or no 14 to the arena or ICA Maxi. 
  • Storsjöbadet – bus no 8 stops at ’Storsjöbadet’ but is not that frequent. Take bus 2,6 or 9 to ’Östersunds camping’ and it is a very short walk.
  • Frösö Park/ Stocke Titt– take bus no 3 or 4 to the stop ’Frösö Park’ or ’Stocketitt’.
  • Frösö Kyrka – buses no 3, 4 or 9 go from Östersund centrum to the stop ’Frösö Kyrka’.  
  • Peterson-Berger Sommarhagen – take bus no 4 or 9 to stops ’Sommarhagen nedre’ or Sommarhagen ’övre’.
  • Frösötornet – take bus no 5 and get off at stop ’Frösötornet’ or another stop nearby. It is a short but steep walk.
  • Ski slopes on Frösön – take bus no 5 and get off at either ’Ladängen’ or ’GB-backen’. 
  • Teknikland – no bus stop, but if you don’t mind a 15 minute walk, take bus 110 or 127 to stop ’Optandssågen’.

The following buses services stop at the central train station in Östersund: 6, 9, 10 (airport bus), 22, 31, 40, 45, 46, 127, 132, 142, 150, 153, 156, 162, 163, 164.

An airport bus takes you from Åre Östersund Airport to the centre of town. For more information, please visit Vy Buss’ website. You can find the departure times in Länstrafikens app or in the PDF timetable for bus no 10.

Many coaches from the north and the west of the county stop at Jamtli and/or the hospital (’Östersunds sjukhus’). Some buses from the north stop at the Arena/Skidstadion. See journey planner for details.

The university campus, most hotels and badhusparken are at easy walking distance from either Östersund centrum or the stop ’Kyrkparken’ where most buses stop.


Take the bus to the mountains

How to travel to common destinations in the mountains:

  • Åre/Undersåker/Duved –  Bus no 155 from/to Östersund bus station or 157 for local journeys.
  • Klövsjö/Storhogna/Vemdalen/Funäsdalen – Bus no 164 from/to Östersund bus station.
  • Ljungdalen/Ramundberget/Tänndalen/Lofsdalen – Bus no 621 or 623 from Funäsdalen. Many departures require pre-booking. 
  • Bydalen/Höglekardalen – Bus no 162 from/to Östersund bus station.
  • Vålådalen/Edsåsdalen/Trillevallen/Ottsjö – Route 561 or 562 from Undersåker.

Please note that some mountain routes do not operate during the summer. Some journeys need to be booked a day in advance. See journey planner or the PDF timetable for details.

You can also travel with Norrtåg to Åre, Duved, Enafors (for Storulvåns mountain station), Storlien and Undersåker (for buses to Vålådalen & Ottsjö).


Take the bus to the beach

How to travel to some of Jämtland’s beaches (with nice walks nearby):

  • Surfbukten – bus no 1,3 and 4 to Frösön stop at the nearest bus stop, ’Trädgårdsvägen’. Or walk across the footbridge from town.
  • Lillsjön – can be reached in different ways. Bus no 4 to the stop ’Ärtvägen’, no 9 to ’Snötippen’ or no 1 to the stop ’Bilprovningen’ or elsewhere in Lillänge. From there it is a short walk.
  • Lits camping – take bus no 140 from Östersund centrum to stop ’Viadukten, Lit’ and walk from there.
  • Bynäset – if you don’t mind a longer walk (15-20 minutes), take bus no 3 or 4 to’Tunnangränd’ and walk down to the lake. 
  • Kungsgårdsviken – take bus no 3 or 4 to the stop ’Lägervägen’. The walk takes around 15 minutes.
  • Andersön/Sunne kyrkoruin – a long walk, but it is possible to take the bus 161 or 162 to ’Norderö vägskäl’ and walk from there. 
  • Mårtensviken – take bus no 6, 110 or 127 to ’Odensalabäcken’ and walk down to the lake (around 15 min walk).

Most of these require a 5-10 minute walk or longer. Please check the journey planner ahead of the trip to ensure there is a suitable return trip. 


Some other destinations in Jämtland

Buses to some of the more remote locations are not that frequent, especially during the summer months, and some services need to be booked in advance. Please check the journey planner before setting off to ensure there is a suitable return trip. 

  • Ristafallet – search for the stop ’Åredalens Folkhögskola’ for a combination of buses 155,156 and 157. 
  • Döda fallet – take route 40 and get off at the stop ’Döda Fallet’.
  • Tännforsen – The 572 takes you from Duved to Tännforsen during the summer. It is pre-booking only and it doesn’t run every day.
  • Locknekratern Meteoritcenter – take bus no 115 to the stop ’Locknekratern, Ångsta’
  • Hoverbergsgrottan – it is around a 20 minutes walk and the bus is not that frequent, but it is possible to take bus no 611 to ’Balviken Vägskälet’ from Svenstavik.


S:t Olavsleden

Most parts of the route alongside the E14 from Bräcke-Östersund-Åre-Storlien is served by both Norrtåg regional trains and the regional bus network operated by Länstrafiken Jämtland. However, services can be infrequent, especially during the summer months, so check the app Länstrafiken Jämtland or the journey planner on LTR.se. before setting off. When you search you will see the journey options as well as service updates and the location of the bus in real time.

If you are unsure of the name of the stop you want to travel from, you can use the Eniro map service, where you can view the location and name of all bus stops in the county.